June 25,2012 First day in school

歡(huān) 迎(yíng) 你(nǐ) 來(lái)!
Welcome to my class!

You're going to do the following during our summer session:

  • Learn & practice Chinese Pinyin, 
  • 學(xué) 會(huì)  中文拼(pīn) 音(yīn)    
  • Be able to type an essay in Chinese.
  • Writing story from pictures.                                                   看(kàn) 圖(tú) 作(zuò) 文(wén)                                             
  • Learn & memorize Chinese poems ,                                      讀(dú)背(bèi)  唐(táng) 詩(shī)                                              
  • Learn  & memorize  弟(dì) 子(zǐ) 規(guī) part.3  

Reminder for Week 1, June 30
1. Go to Game Page to play word games 遊(yóu) 戲(xì) 
2. Go to Homework Page to do homework 功(gōng) 課(kè)

  •     Complete 3 study mode created by Quizlet
  •     Finish Google test sheet with pinyin
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Words from Liu Laoshi:
Please do 4 things for yourself ALWAYS
1. Express your gratitude to your mother for bringing you into this beautiful world
2. Express your gratitude to your parents for taking care of you and teaching you
3. Wishing your parents have a happy and healthy life
4. Express your gratitude to your teachers for educating you

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