Dear Class 6: I picked this song for our performance 請聽幾次這首歌

這首歌是由台灣的清韻合唱團演唱 yu3zhong1ji2jing3 It's raining!



Liu Laoshi brought back some souvenirs from convention. Those will be yours if you could write a short essay about your "Thanksgiving vacation" approx. 250 words. I know you could do it.

I also want to thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Your cards are pretty and the words are touching. I hope you really mean it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat healthy!
Cleaning your room!
Help mom cooking!
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Words from Liu Laoshi:
Please do 4 things for yourself ALWAYS
1. Express your gratitude to your mother for bringing you into this beautiful world
2. Express your gratitude to your parents for taking care of you and teaching you
3. Wishing your parents have a happy and healthy life
4. Express your gratitude to your teachers for educating you

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