Homework for Weekend 10-24-09

1.Translate the following (use Google Translation to help.):
2.Listen to me and write down the story with your opinion:

Homework for Weekend 10/10/09 :

1. Write your own story
Tug of War
 2. Translation
Try to translate the following articles.

Chinese Moon Festival

我家的中秋節   Christopher 
    每一年, 我們會去外公家過中秋節. , 我們去了一家很好吃的餐廳吃團圓飯. 吃完飯後, 我們去外公的家賞月. 不巧,那天有很多, 所以月亮看不清楚,  但是,月亮特別的亮, 媽媽和妹妹對著月亮拜拜, 拜完的時候, 我們就到裡面吃很好吃的月餅.  每年的中秋節都很有趣和好玩!

Homework for Weekend 10/3/09

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Words from Liu Laoshi:
Please do 4 things for yourself ALWAYS
1. Express your gratitude to your mother for bringing you into this beautiful world
2. Express your gratitude to your parents for taking care of you and teaching you
3. Wishing your parents have a happy and healthy life
4. Express your gratitude to your teachers for educating you

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